January 2019 Outing

January 12, 2019 @ 7:00 am – 11:00 am
Roan Mountain NC/TN
Bob Phipps

Foothills North Region’s January Outing will be to Roan Mt., on January 12th.  We need to arrive by 7:00 AM if you plan to photograph the sunrise.  Park in the lots at the top of Roan Mt. [ TN / NC boarder] , then cross the road and follow the trail [Appalachian Trail] to the top of Round Bald.  We will begin photographing along the top.

Be prepared for snow and cold weather / wind.  Chemical hand warmers are suggested.  Water and snacks for energy to stay warm.  Ski slacks, long johns or running tights, boots, wool socks [liners if you have], winter coat with hood [toboggan, ear muffs, face mask, etc.] are suggestions. 

We have had several outings to Roan Mt. and all of them [various seasons] have proven to give us wonderful photographic opportunities.  Top of mountain overlooking valleys and other mtn. ridges, pine forest with trail, Rhododendron on both sides of the trail in many location.  One time the snow was almost to our waist in spots due to blown snow against trees along the trail.  Be prepared to have fun.