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Proposed Quarterly Photo Contests for Foothills Members

The CNPA-Foothills Region is considering implementation of quarterly photographic competitions involving specific categories of images.  Members would be invited to submit digital images on a predetermined theme each quarter for competition to be judged by vote of the members.  Review, critique, and discussion of the entries receiving the most votes from members can serve as a program component at the regional meeting following each quarterly competition.

The question of whether we should have these contests and whether people would participate will be discussed at the next CNPA-Foothills Regional meetings in order to determine if there is in fact a “mandate from the members” to proceed.  CNPA-Foothills (Lenoir) had a short (favorable) discussion at the last meeting, but no final action was taken regarding instituting the contests.  Additional discussion is planned for the next meeting(s), and rough guidelines for possible competitions will be formulated from these discussions.

Certain features from contests which are now underway in other regions (Triangle and Triad, specifically) probably should be considered so we don’t re-invent the wheel that already spins smoothly.  Some of the essential features that must be determined by the membership include the following points.

A predetermined theme and closing date for entries should be specified for each quarterly contest.  The themes can be rotated among landscape, wildlife, macrophotography of nature, wildflowers, reflections in nature, sunsets, etc. as desired by the membership, or multiple themes can be specified in each quarterly contest.

All entries must follow restrictions for images posted on the CNPA forums and in galleries:  that is, images must be JPEG format, 72ppi, no more than 750 pixels on their longest side (horizontal or vertical), image file size must be less than or equal to 200KB.  Other regional contests have specified different size requirements (1024 pixles on longest side, image size up to 300 KB), so the CNPA-Foothills membership will need to determine which file size restriction is to be adopted.

All images must be submitted by e-mail no later than the posted entry deadline, and each image submitted must have a title determined by the contestant.  No personal identification is allowed in any form on any of the posted images.  Other quarterly regional competitons allow up to two entries from each regional member, but the competition need not be limited to two entries or to CNPA-Foothills members if the regional membership wishes to expand the coverage to non-Foothills members.  Number of allowed entries and eligibility of non-Foothills members should of course be determined before the contest is announced.

Submitted entries would be visible to CNPA-Foothills members for a specified period of time (two weeks?) during which time the members may vote on-line for a favorite image.  Winner(s) can be announced at the next regional meeting or on-line by posting in the regional forum or by e-mail from the regional coordinator(s) as desired by the membership.

CNPA Webmaster Ollie Treadway has announced that new image gallery functionality is being installed for each regional website, hopefully to be completed by the annual meeting in February.  When that occurs we should have the capability of conducting first-rate competitions on our Foothills website, and member involvement should be enhanced considerably.

Plan to attend the next Foothills Region meeting to participate in the discussion of whether to institute these contests and, if so, what guidelines should be instituted.  Your region needs your participation in order to best serve the membership!